23rd Birthday Princess Week (Los Angeles, USA)

By Jinny | June 7, 2015

Week 43 of Post Grad Life


I woke up this morning feeling good, which is not the feeling I wanted to have the day after birthday celebrations. I wanted to be hungover and barely remember what happened last night. Truthfully, I only had maybe 2 or 3 drinks at most last night. I was SO exhausted from running around everywhere yesterday that my body would’ve crashed if I had drank anymore than that…


So this week, I’ve been pretty Debbie Dower about turning another year older. My friends all joke (but not really joke) that once you turn 23, it’s just all downhill from there. I’m starting to see why they say that—I get so exhausted if I don’t get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, a little glass of wine give me horrible hangovers the next day and I am seeing signs of wrinkles under my eyes.


Other than that, it’s been good this week. Had a lot of work to keep my busy and now I’m totally serious about opening up my own agency. Things are super steady and at this rate of growth, I’ll be operating a full brick and mortar startup development agency in less than a year. To see what I do, click here.


I’m also adding something new to portfolio this week: Styling! I’m super excited to say that I’ve styled for Next Model and Ford Model this weekend. My photographer friend Johnny set up the gig and has built his team, including myself as the stylist. I was definitely intimidated about the situation, because I didn’t know whether or not the models would fit in any of these outfits and whether or not it would look good on photos, but I’ll let you be the judge of that:


I guess it’s been a long week of birthday celebrations. On Wednesday, my boyfriend came home with this:

How adorable is this!!

How adorable is this!!

Then he took me out to dinner at this Spanish restaurant inside the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills and then the rooftop bar at the Standard Hotel in downtown LA. It was the perfect birthday dinner date.

Date night with this guy!

Date night with this guy!


My friend Faria also flew in to LA this weekend to celebrate my birthday. I met her back in Dubai and again in New Orleans, so this was literally the third time we actually saw each other again, but it just felt like we were friends for a whole lot longer than that. Some of Johnny’s Hungarian friends were also in town so I took them down the Pacific Coast Highway for some touring:

Redondo Beach with new and old friends

Redondo Beach with new and old friends


On Saturday, my friend Matt threw a mini birthday party for me at his apartment, where I got my second birthday cake and champagne! I think that was the first time I’ve ever opened a champagne bottle… I made way too much of a mess on his balcony. It was a fun night, but seriously nothing super exciting. I was way too sober for birthday celebrations, but we did have another birthday girl who definitely enjoyed herself. Matt’s roommate Rob’s little sister was celebrating her 21st birthday, so we sort of had a joint birthday… not that I wanted to share, but she was cool.

Birthday cake #2. It says "We will still love you even though you're no longer young and beautiful"

Birthday cake #2. It says “We will still love you even though you’re no longer young and beautiful”


Overall, it’s been a pretty eventful week. I’m not excited to be officially 23 in a couple of days, but I’m excited for this new chapter in my life. 21 and 22 have been unbelievably amazing, so I can’t even imagine how much better 23 will be.


xoxo from Los Angeles,

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