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By Jinny | October 15, 2014
Cape Town South Africa

Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

Hello, My name is Jinny and I am a 22-year-old adventure seeker. That’s it. There’s no fancy job title or a mold to define who I am other than the fact that I look for the thrill in anything and everything I do. Whether I am traveling or living a regular lifestyle, I make sure that every moment of my life is part of a one big adventure story.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Advertising under the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill at the age of 20 and my dual Master’s degree in Global Entrepreneurship under the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University and École de management de Lyon (EMLYON Business School in France) at the age of 22. I have been traveling ever since.

So how did I get into traveling? Well, it’s a bit of a tragic story to begin with, but here it is… Back in 2013, one of my good friends from high school passed away from a freak accident. At the age of 20, he died–just like that. Reality hit me hard enough that day to steer my life into a whole new direction. Instead of getting a normal 9-5 job or going to law school, I chose to wake up everyday, looking to explore new aspects of life and seek for answers to my curiosity of this world. I pursue happiness by doing what I want and not by doing what others want of me. So, I travel the world, living everyday filled with gratitude, happiness and new adventures.

In the past year and a half, I have been traveling nonstop all over the world. I’ve visited over 60 cities in the spread of 19 countries, learning about different cultures, languages and startup opportunities. What fascinates me about traveling is that no matter how much or how little I spend, I learn invaluable lessons about myself, life and the environment that surrounds me.

During my time traveling, I’ve stumbled upon life-threatening adventures, love and heartbreaks, friends from around the globe and a true reflection on my purpose in life. Almost everyday, I live out of a suitcase and I complain about what’s left in my bank account. When it comes down to it though, I love my crazy lifestyle and I wouldn’t change it for anything less.

The stories I share with you are memorandums and updates of my experiences since I left home. This is a diary of all my adventures through which I hope to inspire, inform and entertain my readers.

Beijing China

Great Wall in Beijing, China



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