Stay-at-Home Girlfriend to Working Girlfriend (Los Angeles, USA)

By Jinny | March 8, 2015

Week 30 of Post Grad Life

My spirit is finally jumping with joy at the fact that I officially have a regular schedule now. It’s been 30 weeks since I’ve had somewhat of a normal life; it’s been a life of non-stop travel and small project work for the past couple of months and I was starting to get real sick of it.

Head of Design for New Client:

I am officially the Head of Design for a startup company whose aim is to standardize how cars are sold to dealerships. In short, the startup offers auction companies a powerful software that utilizes all elements of how a car gets sold, but in a bigger scale with much more efficiency and ease. The startup has already gotten dealerships in LA in agreement to their “standardization.” It’s quite amazing how much they’ve accomplished in such a short time.

What’s amazing about working for this new client is that I get to have a normal “corporate-like” lifestyle (since they’re in a pretty fancy corporate building), while still being able to come and go as I please. I also get to work out of a pretty spacious office and everyone here are so nice.

What really made me love this week out of everything else though was having normal human interactions in a workspace. Call me weird, but I was ECSTATIC at the fact that I had a “coworker” helping me out on a new app project that I was working on for Open Trade. I’ve never had that before. After I graduated from college, I went straight to grad school and after grad school, I was just working with clients independently. I’ve had various part-time/full-time internship positions before, but even then, I either had “people I work with” or my boss, NOT coworkers… So, yeah, that was pretty cool in my eyes 😛

It’s been an absolute crazy week trying to get back into a regular schedule. For one, my client’s office is on the opposite side of my boyfriend’s work. So every morning, we drive up north to the splitting fork and I have to Uber the rest of the way to work. Then, I have to wait until around 8pm to get picked up by my boyfriend from work. So essentially I’ve been working near 12-hour workdays this week. Because of that, I cannot seem to stay up past 11pm… I feel like such an old person.

Discovering a New Hidden Gem:

Although I have a full-time client now, I am still open to take on more clients. So, on Tuesday, I met up with a potential new client for lunch in the Rancho Palos Verdes area of Los Angeles. Although we soon found out after the first 5 minutes of meeting that we’re not a right fit, I still made the most of that afternoon.

After having lunch with the unfit prospective, I walked around the area to just take some photos. Man, this place was absolutely gorgeous and so close to where I live.

Amazing view from Rancho Palo Verdes

Amazing view from Rancho Palo Verdes

The Sun-Filled Weekend:

I haven’t had that feeling of “TGIF” since my days of grad school in the Global Entrepreneurship Program. My life in the past 30 weeks has been a one-big TGIF—I had no obligations to work for hours and pass out to sleep. This Friday was the first time in 30 weeks since I’ve felt how good it was to say TGIF. Seriously.

It was such a well-earned weekend after a busy semi-stressful week. Even so though, I could not sleep-in. My body got so used to waking up early in the past 5 days that even on Saturday and Sunday, I woke up by 8am.

Despite the fact that no one normal is up at 8am on a Saturday, it was a nice feeling to get some extra work done in the morning before getting brunch and playing volleyball with my friends in the afternoon at Hermosa Beach. The weather was amazing and as always, we made some new friends on the sand volleyball courts.

Beautiful Santa Monica sunset

Beautiful Santa Monica sunset


After volleyball, my friends and I headed over to a bar to cheer on a band. I invited my boyfriend Michael to come by to hangout. By the time he got there however, I was halfway falling asleep in my seat. The long week + couple hours of volleyball has gotten me completely beat and I Was ready to go home, eat some chocolate and go to sleep.

Today was another beautiful outdoorsy day. Again, I woke up at 8am and did some work all morning until my boyfriend woke up. We spent most of the afternoon hanging out on the beach and then biking down the beach to get some Vietnamese noodle. Yum!

Tanning in the "backyard" :D

Tanning in the “backyard” 😀


On our way back, I got this sick new photo of the sunset. I am officially making this my new profile picture. So cool!

It's like that one emoji on your keyboard!!

It’s like that one emoji on your keyboard!!


xoxo from Long Beach,

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